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If you have booked a session or are planning to you might be wondering how to go about planning for it. Don’t worry that’s what I am here for! A consultation session is included with every session booked to make sure you are prepared for your special day but just in case you are wanting to get a head start here are some tips on preparing for your session starting with a beauty checklist:

  • Hair. If you dye your hair make sure that your roots have been touched up prior to your session to avoid regrets when you see your close ups. I also recommend a deep conditioning treatment the night before. Come to your appointment with clean dry hair if you having your hair styled by us. P.S. My makeup and hair artists are the best add them to your shoot for $100.00 for both hair and makeup.
  • Skin. Having your makeup done professionally will take care of 99% of your skin concerns and if there is any imperfections makeup can’t handle my re-touching techniques are sure to take care of it. All I recommend is to have your skin moisturized. If you do want to do any skin treatments just make sure you leave enough time before your session in case you react negatively to your treatment. I prefer that you do not apply any self tanners before your session as it is very difficult to hide mistakes. similarly STAY OUT OF THE SUN burns and tan lines can be minimized but not necessarily removed.
  • Nails. Most of my clients love to treat themselves to a manicure and pedicure before their photo shoot.  Try and consider what you will be wearing when choosing polish and when in doubt a simple french manicure always goes well with everything. If you are not having your nails done just be sure to remove or fix any chipped polish.
  • Teeth. Teeth whitening products have come along way. In less that a month and under 50& you can have your teeth sparkling white. In my opinion it is definitely worth it if you have concern about your smile.
  • Brows. Threading is amazing waxing is almost as  good, if you are not handy with a pair of tweezers have your eyebrows professionally shaped, it can make a huge difference in your look.

Wardrobe, Whether a boudoir shoot, something totally glamorous or simple portraits I always  recommend you bring 5 of 6 outfits to choose from. Try the following items:

  • Something Dark. Black, Navy or dark grey works great and are tons that are always in style.
  • Something Light. Don’t be afraid of white, black may be flattering off camera but in my studio any color can look great. Choosing something light will help us create soft ethereal images and selecting sheer fabrics helps to cover you if you are modest while still showing off your shape!
  • Something Fun. Do you have an item in your wardrobe that is fun and funky or whimsical but you never have the occasion to wear it? Now is your chance to wear that gorgeous piece and make your style statement.
  • Something Sexy. keep in mind that everyone’s definition of sexy is different. For some it’s corsets and stockings for others its an amazing pair of jeans a lace camisole. I personally love the look of a an off the shoulder sweater and boy cut panties or body suits from American apparel. Go lingerie shopping or pull out some old favorites from your closet…just bring what ever makes you feel like a bombshell!

A few other tips for packing for your session:

Avoid prints. Patterns and prints are distracting. We want people to look at you when they see your portrait, and even the most beautiful print will steal that attention.

Pick items that are form fitting. Even if you are uncomfortable in form fitting clothes try to remember that they photograph very well. Billowy or loose clothes show no shape in camera.

Bring stilettos! Heels are always right no matter what kind of photo you are taking. They make your legs look amazing and probably will make you feel pretty hot to.

Rehearse your sexy looks/poses in the mirror. You’ll build muscle memory and will be able to know what you look like without a mirror/in front of the camera.

Now here’s that list of some great vendors to help you get started…

Happy shopping I cant wait to see your purchases! And start practicing your model face and poses in the mirror…