Thursday, April 05, 2018
By Donald L Smith
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I'd like to introduce our second brand ambassador for 2018.


Anastasia Castro

"I’m a girly girl; I love anything pink and girly! I love Marilyn Monroe. For work I write; I have a monthly column in Gulf Coast MotorSports Magazine and I’m currently working 0n 2 children’s books. I love traveling. I am single with no kids, but I do have a little 5 lb Yorkshire terrier-chihuahua mix dog that I rescued about 7 months ago. Her name is Gigi. I’m a huge animal lover!!"

 Check out her pinup page on instagram.


Hair and makeup by 

Sinful Makeup Artistry

Thursday, April 05, 2018
By Donald L Smith
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In our first blog on the site, I wanted to introduce you to Amanda one of our 2018 brand ambassadors and share a few images from her first photo shoot with us.

We had a blast working with her and are looking forward to our next shoot which will be on location at a venue where she performs regularly.

Check out her page on Instagram.


Hair and makeup provided by the amazing SinfulMakeupArtistry


I’m a professional entertainer and show producer. I also work for a non-profit and am an advocate for equality. My work is everything to me and I’m always submerged. I enjoy traveling for work and play when I get moments to do so. I’m in a relationship, but not married and no children at this time. My girlfriend and I have two furball babies that live with us. Two white cats! I have many interesting talents and some may call weird, you’ll learn about all of those soon!